To share content to an iOS device via iTunes, connect the device and the PC to the same network and enable the Home Sharing feature on iTunes. Launch the iTunes app on Mac PC and open the File menu from the app’s Toolbar.

Scroll through to Home Sharing and choose Turn on Home Sharing in the submenu. iTunes will prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID in case you logged out. Use the same Apple ID and password you use on iOS to sign in to iTunes and enable Home Sharing. The feature will let you share and stream the computer’s iTunes library to iOS devices.

Once you enable Home Sharing on iTunes, you can then move on to enabling it on the iOS. Navigate to the Settings app, and on the left-hand side of the screen, scroll down to the Music option above videos, photos, and other media types on iOS. Tap on Music and a new window of music settings will appear on the iPad tablet. Scroll down and tap on Home Sharing and Sign In using the same Apple ID and Password you used to access iTunes library.

Since you enabled the feature in both iOS and Mac, you can now start sharing music from iTunes to the iPad tablet via Home Sharing. For that, launch the Music app and tap on My Music tab on the right-hand corner on iOS to gain access to the Shared Library. The bottom of the library has a series of tabs for Artists, Albums, Songs, or any other category of music. Choose Home Sharing from the drop-down list, then toggle through and choose the Songs that will be streamed from the Mac PC on the iPad tablet.

In case your iPad’s storage is low, you certainly would love using Home Sharing to listen to shared music. It shall be noted you are sharing content with the help of Wi-Fi network at home. Likewise, you can share high-quality Movies as well, which may consume more storage and hence you may have it on the iTunes Library.

Launch the Videos app on the refurbished iPad, tap on Shared and choose Shared Library. Once a library is chosen from either Music or Movies app on iOS, iTunes will list out the respective library from which you can choose content.

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