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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Two new flagship devices from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 and the bigger Galaxy S8 Plus, are out in the Samsung tablet wholesale market. With the standard model of S8 also featuring curved screen, the differences between the two new models are not much obvious as the differences between Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The comparison of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus shared by wholesale tablets dealers would help you know how these models differ in terms of design and display. Design Both Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have identical designs, with glass back, metal frame, and small…

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Tips To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung is one of the most popular tablet manufacturers and the products launched by them are in high demand in the wholesale Samsung tablets market. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is one of their best tablets and is a perfect device for multitasking. However, many Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 owners recently complained that the battery of their device is draining at a fast pace. If you are a person who shares the same concern, then here are a few simple tips and tricks that will help you to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. Use The Automatic…

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Choosing between iPad Smart Accessories

Apple released two new casings recently to offer protection for two of their best selling tablets – iPad Air and iPad 4. The smart cover protects the front screen using magnetic snap-on fit, while the smart case wraps around both the front screen and back of the device. Both the products are available in multiple colors adding to the confusion of buyers. Facts about iPad Air Smart Cover vs. Smart Case The smart cover reclines greatly than the smart case when putting as a stand, although the typing angle remains the same. In fact, the marginal difference between the two…

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How to Reset the iPad Content for New User

The reason for erasing the Apple iPad content involves facilitating the new user. Being a long time associate of the wide tablet, you would have forgotten some of these basic features in the handset; which is quite natural for some people. Giving into the concept of a factory reset is not quite the case, though, because once an iPad stays an iPad. Resetting the iPad to Factory Default Setting You need to go to the phone settings and explore the settings menu to reset the iPad back to factory default. The drop down menu would show a lot of options…

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Simple Tricks to Record your iPad Screen

If you are an iPad user, then taking a screenshot on your tablet will be a simple task for you. You can easily do it by pressing the Sleep/Wake and Home button of your tablet. This is possible on almost all Apple devices. However, many iPad users complain that it’s pretty much difficult to record a video of their iPad’s screen. This is because there is no built-in screen recorder on most iPad devices. It is true that you will not be able to natively record what happens on the screen of your iPad and there are no apps that…

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Simple Tips to Solve the Storage Issues of your iPad

iPad is an incredible tablet and it is has many great uses. However, it is very easy to fill up the limited storage memory of your tablet, particularly for the iPad users who use the 16 GB iPad model. Many iPad users complain that they run out of storage space at a faster rate. However, many of them are not aware of the fact that there are a few tips and tricks, which allows them to free up the storage space on their tablets. If you are having storage space issues on your iPad, then here are a few workarounds…

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Essential Display Settings for iPad Users

The accessibility of display contents in iPad is different for every user. This depends on the preferences of the user in viewing the content on the display. The status of vision is another factor that determines the nature of the contents like text displayed on the screen. However, iPad tablets offer many accessibility settings like changing the text size, boldness, zooming in with virtual magnification glass, and color temperature adjustments like warm or coolness, to help better viewing of the content. The various accessibility settings and the ways to adjust them are described below. Text Size There are settings available…

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Finding and Deleting Duplicate Files in Android

We all know that duplicate files in Android can eat away a lot of memory and it is good to find and delete these files to free up space in your Android tablet and to improve its speed. We copy and paste many files to our devices, but some of these files may be already existing in our device and will lead to wastage of memory. However, you may not know the exact location of these duplicate files to delete them. What could you do in such situations? There are many Android apps that can help you find and delete…

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Troubleshooting Tips for not Charging Issues in iPad

iPad tablets can often run into many charging issues like not charging when plugged into the socket and slow charging time. This is a worrying problem, especially for those who rely on the device for their day-to-day activities. Experts say that proper inspection of the issue is vital in determining the true cause of the problem. This is done by checking many of the common errors that we do, such as a loosely connected cable, proper plugging into the socket, etc. If the situation persists after all these checks, follow the troubleshooting steps described below to deal with the issue….

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Some Tips for Charging your Tablet Faster

Charging tablet devices can take time and this can be frustrating for many of us. Fully charging the tablet can take more than an hour, which can hinder in all our activities that require the use of this device. Just like extending the battery life, it is possible to decrease the time it takes in fully charging the tablet. Following the simple tips and tricks given below can aid in speedily charging your tablet. Charger Most tablet charges are rated two amperes that can provide 10 watts of power. It is important that you only use the charger supplied for…