If you pair your tablet device to the stereo systems with the integrated connectivity options, everyone can easily listen to music with you. In fact, you can use the USB interface to play music stored on your iPad tablets, pair it with the car’s stereo system, and then listen to paired music.

For that, connect your iPad to the car’s stereo with the Apple lightning cable. In addition, make sure that the firmware of the car stereo system and the iOS is up-to-date. If you are finding it somewhat tough to play music from the third-party party app, try to restart the device.

Apple will let you play music from the default music player and play music with the lightning cable. Some cars have a volume control button on the steering wheel as well. If you have such a facility in your car, then press the volume button to set up CarPlay. You can then use the inbuilt user interface of iPad tablets to play music and attend phone calls in your car.

In case you see no volume control button in the car, ensure that the car is in wireless mode. Navigate to Settings > General > CarPlay > Available Cars and select your car to pair the iOS device with the car stereo. In case you face any issue while pairing, find the car stereo’s user guide to get some guidance.

If you have Android tablets, you could use the 3.5 mm cable supplied by the device manufacturer and connect the same to the auxiliary audio jack to play music on the car stereo. Some cars will have the auxiliary jack mostly near the stereo system. Once you connect, turn the car stereo to AUX setting and you will be able to listen to music on your car.

Bluetooth may lead to a slight distortion in the quality of music, though the interface will also let you pair nonetheless. For that, pull down from the top of your Android tablets, tap on the Bluetooth icon, and then turn on the toggle switch of Bluetooth. Then, navigate to Settings > Network Connections and then make your Android tablets discoverable to the car.

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