The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 comes with an integrated S Pen for aiding in a host of uses ranging from simple tasks to high-end productivity applications. The Galaxy Note is yet another simple tablet manufactured by Samsung for budget-conscious buyers. Due to this, many buyers have purchased this tablet from reputed tablet wholesale dealers. Its 8-inch screen coupled with the S Pen brings about the best experience in using the tablet for various tasks. Below are some helpful tips in using the S Pen with the Galaxy Note 8.0.

Popup Note

One of the best features of the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet is that it contains a Popup Note app for scribbling texts using the S Pen. The application is perfect for jotting down anything like a reminder or list of shopping. Some brushes and color options are also available to the users to choose for making any small artworks along with the text.

For opening the Popup Note, hold the S Pen button and double tap on the display. This will open the Popup Note app for writing down anything using the S Pen. The settings for the S Pen can also be altered in the Galaxy Note 8.0 that allows the Popup Note app to open the moment the S Pen is taken out from the device.

S Note

S Note is another great way to store multiple digital notes and notebooks, which thereby extends the capabilities of the S Pen. It is available in two versions – Basic and Advanced. When using the S Pen, the S Note also includes the pressure sensitivity when using the stylus. The note offers good customizable features like many paper stocks, image import and several pens and brushes.

Pressure Sensitivity

The Galaxy Note 8.0 has a pressure sensitive of up to 1024 levels. This enables the users to fully use the potential of the S Pen. Pressing the S Pen harder into the screen can result in the brush strokes to appear thicker. This increased pressure sensitivity offers the users with improved handwriting and provides a similar experience to the users like writing in a real book.

S Pen Settings

For getting the best experience in using the S Pen, properly setting up the Note 8.0’s S Pen settings is crucial. In the S Pen settings, users can choose whether to activate or disable sound effects when pulling out the stylus from the device. The other major settings include determining whether a text app should open every time the S Pen is pulled put from its housing.

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