iPad tablets can often run into many charging issues like not charging when plugged into the socket and slow charging time. This is a worrying problem, especially for those who rely on the device for their day-to-day activities.

Experts say that proper inspection of the issue is vital in determining the true cause of the problem. This is done by checking many of the common errors that we do, such as a loosely connected cable, proper plugging into the socket, etc. If the situation persists after all these checks, follow the troubleshooting steps described below to deal with the issue.

Diagnosing the Power Adapter

Identifying the device that can potentially cause the issue is the first step in diagnostics. The power adapter is the vital element of the charging system of an iPad. Examine it first to ensure that it is properly working and try using other adapters on your iPad. If the tablet is charging successfully after changing the adapter, then it is a problem with the power source and not the iPad. If the problem persists after trying different adapters then it might be an issue with the iPad instead.

Restart the Device

This step is resorted when the initial diagnostic of the power adapter and the device fails. Restarting the tablet is a good way to rectify minor issues in iPad, since not charging issues can be due to simple glitches. Try this method and see if the problem is resolved by plugging it to the adapter again.

Backup Restore

Software glitches in Apple’s updates can be a probable cause for your iPad’s charging issues. Restoring a backup made in the iCloud or iTunes can aid in resolving the problem. It is necessary to roll back these changes into your iPad by using a backup from a time your tablet was functioning normally. Otherwise, the problem can still linger on, as the glitch maybe still present in the update.

Reset the Device

A complete hard reset is the last solution to try, in case all the above-mentioned steps fail. It will delete every data such as applications, personal data, and all other information from your tablet. After performing hard reset, the device must be set up again, like when it was bought for the first time. The option for hard reset can be found under the Settings menu. In General, go to Reset and execute the Erase all Contents and Settings option.

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