The iOS 9.3 released by Apple contained some bugs that have hindered the performance of the devices for most users. This happens mostly to the users that have installed the latest update of the operating system. iPad Air was also prone to the issues and requiring the entering of Apple ID and password used for setting up the device and in finishing the software installation. For users who forgot their passwords, the devices remain inaccessible until the correct password was entered or a reset of the device performed.

Because of this, Apple has brought forward numerous measures such as the disabling of the updates on a temporary basis, mainly for the older iPad models. These updated models are available across many iPad wholesale sites. It was mainly done for releasing an updated version of iOS 9.3 with no issues at all. Moreover, for the users who have encountered the problem in the activation of their devices, Apple has brought forth a support document too. Below are some troubleshooting methods for iOS 9.3 activation issues in your iPad.

  • Try connecting the iPad device to a computer that contains the latest version of iTunes installed. This step must be carried out if the iPad does not carry out the installation of the update after it is downloaded. If the iPad displays any message such as “iPad could not be activated because the activation service is temporarily unavailable”, connect the device to the computer as mentioned above.
  • Open iTunes after the device is connected to the computer and initiate a force restart of the iPad, which can be done by pressing and holding the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously. Hold the buttons until the iPad switches into its Recovery Mode, which is identified by the black screen with the iTunes logo in the center.
  • Select Update from the options displayed on the iPad screen to update the operating system. By selecting the Update option, the iPad will be installed with the latest version of iOS and all the settings and content will remain unchanged. It will take around 15 minutes for iTunes to reinstall the iOS without deleting the data.
  • After completing the update process, keep the iPad connected to the computer and conclude the rest of the activation process as specified on the screen. If you are still facing issues with iPad OS activation, get in touch with a repair person for technical assistance.

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