If you are planning to replace your old iPad with an Android tablet that you bought from tablet wholesale dealers, you will certainly have to find a way to move your important files from the old tablet to the new one. However, many users find the process of moving their files from an old tablet to a new one very irritating.

http://asphaltdrivewayco.com/tag/minneapolis-concrete-repair/feed/ It is good to note that the process of moving your media files and images from one device to another is easy. So, you don’t need to be afraid when buying a new tablet or used tablets from a wholesale tablets store. Many tablet users who made the switch from an iPad to an Android tablet has complained in online support forums that they are finding it very difficult to move music files from iTunes library of their old tablet.

http://teamcoachinginternational.com/feed/?attachment_id=1621 You will probably have a number of favorite music tracks in the iTunes library of your iPad. If you want to move them to your new Android tablet, there are two simple ways to do so. Either you can copy the files to the tablet from the iPad after connecting the devices to a PC or you may simply upload them to the Google Play Music of your Android tablet.

The first process is fairly simple since most Android tablets can be easily used as a USB stick. However, you will have to use the USB cable of your tablet to complete the task. If you don’t have a compatible cable, it is best to try the second method rather than wasting your precious time. Follow these steps if you are already equipped with a compatible cable.

  • Plug in your Android tablet to a PC or laptop and turn the device into MTP mode to transfer the files.
  • Open file explorer on your laptop and navigate to the music folder of your Android tablet.
  • Now, open another file explorer window and locate the iTunes music library of the iPad.
  • Now you may simply drag the music files from your iTunes music library and drop them to the music folder in your new Android tablet.

http://sweetsmilesdentistry.com/g24869 You can either copy all the music files stored in your iTunes music library or select the ones that you need. Make sure to remove the USB cable once you have transferred the music files. If you are unable to copy the music files via this method, you may upload iTunes music directly to Google Play Music to access the files on your new Android tablet.

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