Samsung is one of the most popular tablet manufacturers and the products launched by them are in high demand in the wholesale Samsung tablets market. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is one of their best tablets and is a perfect device for multitasking.

However, many Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 owners recently complained that the battery of their device is draining at a fast pace. If you are a person who shares the same concern, then here are a few simple tips and tricks that will help you to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet. Additional necessary information you can read on best personal safety alarm.

Use The Automatic Brightness

One of the easiest ways with which you can give a boost to the battery of your tablet is to keep the screen of the device turned off, as long as you are not using it. In addition to that, do not set the screen brightness to the optimum level, instead use the automatic brightness setting, which will set the brightness of the screen taking into account factors like available environmental light, charge left on the battery and many more.

Turn Off Unused Network Modes

If you are not streaming or downloading any files on your tablet, then you need to turn off the LTE service of your tablet. In addition to that, you could also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you don’t need them. This will significantly boost the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Turn Off App Notifications

Many tablet users have a tendency to download and install a number of unnecessary applications on their device. If you don’t want to remove any of these apps, make sure to close the currently running apps and app notifications, as it will help to save battery and extend its life.

Disable Location Services

Using your tablet as a large screened GPS is one of the luxuries that we all are able to enjoy. However, you should note the fact that these tools will use GPS locations on a constant basis and it might drain the battery of your tablet at a faster rate. So, make sure to disable the location services on your tablet, when not needed.

Disable Widgets/Animated Wallpaper

Many of the Samsung tablet owners love to use animated wallpapers and gadgets on their tablet. These widgets may be helping you to easily access apps but they are also draining the battery of your device. So, ensure that they are disabled.

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