Charging tablet devices can take time and this can be frustrating for many of us. Fully charging the tablet can take more than an hour, which can hinder in all our activities that require the use of this device.

Just like extending the battery life, it is possible to decrease the time it takes in fully charging the tablet. Following the simple tips and tricks given below can aid in speedily charging your tablet.


Most tablet charges are rated two amperes that can provide 10 watts of power. It is important that you only use the charger supplied for your tablet. The optimized power output of these chargers will aid in quick charging of your device.

Most of us use smartphone chargers for our tablets and this is one of the reasons for slow charging. Smartphone chargers are rated for less power than that of a tablet and are therefore unsuitable for charging tablet devices.

Turn Off the Device

There is a noticeable increase in the speed when you charge your device switched off. This is due to the non-usage of the battery by the device while it is turned off.

Though this might offer some inconveniences as it will prevent any further usage of the tablet once turned off, it is worth the shot when you want your device to be fully charged quickly.

Airplane Mode

Enabling Airplane or Flight Mode is the best way to ensure quick charging. This disables the WiFi, Bluetooth, and all network connections that utilize the battery, hence making your device charge faster.

Maintaining Battery Health

It is essential to maintain the battery of your tablet, which will ensure its life while also speeding up the charging process. Regularly charge the tablet to almost 80 percent. Fully discharging the battery once in a month and charging it back 100 percent will further ensure its good health.

Battery Saver Mode

This mode can help in quickly charging the battery. It limits all the programs that have more battery usage such as the vibration, location service, and background data. This will reduce the dependence of such applications on the battery that helps it to charge quicker.

Device Temperature

Overheating of the tablets can reduce the efficiency of the battery and could take a toll on its life. So when charging, always ensure the device is placed on a cool surface rather than exposed to direct sunlight. This will ensure that the battery remains at the appropriate temperature and charges much faster.

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