iPad is an incredible tablet and it is has many great uses. However, it is very easy to fill up the limited storage memory of your tablet, particularly for the iPad users who use the 16 GB iPad model.

Many iPad users complain that they run out of storage space at a faster rate. However, many of them are not aware of the fact that there are a few tips and tricks, which allows them to free up the storage space on their tablets. If you are having storage space issues on your iPad, then here are a few workarounds that you should certainly try out.

Delete Videos & Photos

If you use iCloud, then every video and picture that you have taken on your tablet will be automatically saved to your iCloud account, which means that you can easily access them without storing these files on your tablet. Regularly removing the videos and images from your iPad will help you to save a lot of your tablet’s storage space.

Delete Music

Keeping music files on your iPad is actually unnecessary. So, remove all the music files from your tablet and use iTunes Home Sharing to play music from a computer or laptop. In addition to that, you could also sign up for a service such as iTunes Match, which allows you to play music files from your iTunes library.

Delete Unused Apps and Games

Some of the applications and games on your tablet can be enormous such as the popular game Rage HD. This particular app takes up about 2 GB of your storage space. So, if you have already finished a game or if you are no longer interested in playing it, then it is wiser to delete the game. This will help you to save a lot of your iPad’s memory.

Delete Watched Videos

If you are a movie lover, then there will be plenty of movie clips and other video files on your tablet. So, it would be better if you deleted all the watched movies or trailers from your iPad. Obviously, deleting video content from the iPad will help you save a lot of space.

Prefer Standard Definition Videos

It is a known fact that HD video content takes up enormous storage space of tablets. The size of each of these files may range from 500 MB to several GBs. So, if you are saving video contents on your iPad, then settle for Standard Definition videos instead of HD video contents.

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