As Android tablets and smartphones have become immensely popular, several users prefer to watch YouTube videos on their Android devices instead of using a laptop or PC. The convenience and comfort offered by Android tablets have allowed them to watch countless YouTube videos without any disruption, yet some users occasionally run into a few issues.

If you are having trouble to stream and watch YouTube videos, then you should check your YouTube application and make sure it is up to date. Android tablet users, who use an older version of YouTube app, constantly run into trouble when they are trying to watch YouTube videos. Hence, updating the app to the latest model is usually the simple solution to the issue. However, if you are already using the latest version of the app and still experience issues, below is how to solve common issues with YouTube playback in Android tablets.

Check the Internal Memory

Even though a number of factors can cause YouTube buffering issues in your Android tablet, the most prominent one is low memory issues. Check the internal memory of your device if you keep encountering YouTube buffering issues. If the internal storage memory is too low, delete some applications or large sized files to solve the issue.

Switch to Wi-Fi

YouTube app on your Android tablet uses plenty of data. So, it is wiser to stream YouTube videos over a Wi-Fi connection instead of using mobile data for a stable and better internet connection. Switching to a reliable high-speed internet connection may solve the issue.

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache of your Android tablet is another way to fix the YouTube playback issues in your device. So, go to the Settings menu of your tablet, select Manage Apps, go to the YouTube app, and then simply click Clear Cache. Now, restart the application and check if the issue is solved or not.

Uninstall and Reinstall

If you are already using the latest version of the YouTube app and still experiencing regular YouTube playback issues, delete the application from your Android tablet and reinstall it. If you are still not able to access and watch videos on the device without disruptions, seek the help of an expert technician for further assistance.

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