The reason for erasing the Apple iPad content involves facilitating the new user. Being a long time associate of the wide tablet, you would have forgotten some of these basic features in the handset; which is quite natural for some people. Giving into the concept of a factory reset is not quite the case, though, because once an iPad stays an iPad.

Resetting the iPad to Factory Default Setting

You need to go to the phone settings and explore the settings menu to reset the iPad back to factory default. The drop down menu would show a lot of options to choose from but the two pertinent ones are “Reset all settings” and the “Erase all content.”

The Find My iPad feature which allows location sharing would be gone for all money if you choose the second option. Here is how you could wipe off the selected music, movies and the like without having to switch off from the social circle.

Erasing the Personal Content From your iPad

The Apple tablet would ask for password conformance once you choose to erase all the personal content. This gives you a chance to revise your options, in case if you have made a mistake and sit idle for a few minutes till the company official logo appears in the middle of the screen.

The content erasing process is easy as I have spelled it out but the main reason to perform a reset pertains to the bugs in the software. People tend to do this mainly to troubleshoot issues and speed up the wholesale tablet. The good thing about the iPad is that depending on the version you use and the storage; you can choose whether or not keep a backup of content in the iCloud.

That is there and then there are the “Reset network Settings” which helps tweak the encrypted passwords and other information being stored on the iPad. Before doing it all at once, one must always perform the full backup of the iPad. To do that, you can simply tap and go to “Backup Now” from the same settings window.

There are not many devices having such intricate features in the second-hand wholesale tablet market. The iPad wholesale market is driven by plenty of models to choose from, and the big players even have expert professionals who are used to performing these functions on a day to day basis.

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