You must keep the browser up-to-date to avoid SSL connection error on Android tablets. As Google will release Over The Air (OTA) updates for Android frequently, updating the refurbished tablet is quite easy and that will prevent the technical bugs such as SSL connection error in the device. However, if the SSL connection error pops up even after updating Android OS, you will have to reset the Network Data as a first try.

For that, navigate to Backup & Reset and then tap on Network Settings > Reset Settings and then a prompt will pop up notifying you to confirm the reset. If that does not resolve the SSL connector error on your browser, then you should try clearing browsing history as well as caches.

Tap on the Chrome app, if Chrome is your default browser, then navigate to Settings > Advanced > Privacy and tap on Clear Browsing Data at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose a time period of browsing such as Previous Day or Past Hour and also choose the type of data you want to remove from Google Chrome. Tap on Clear Data once you are done with the tweaking Chrome Settings.

If your default browser is Mozilla Firefox, open the Firefox app, go to History Panel > Clear Browsing History and then tap on OK to confirm and clear the bug.

Those on a public Wi-Fi network may encounter the SSL connection error, which blocks web pages from loading properly. Hence, the third and the most preferred method to resolve the bug is to simply swap the Wi-Fi network on Android. For that, tap on Apps, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi, select more options, and then tap on Smart Network Switch.

Restoring Android Tablets to Factory Default

The factory restore troubleshoot for SSL connection error should be kept as a last resort and should be adopted only if other means do not fix the problem. Restoring the device will erase content hence you should keep a backup of data either on external memory or in PC.

Navigate to Settings > General > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device and then tap on Delete All to factory reset a refurbished Android tablet once again. The device will be in a brand new state after the factory reset.

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