In this age of government-sponsored surveillance and cyber threats like hacking, it is indeed necessary to protect our devices like tablets with utmost security. Nowadays, most people use tablets for many purposes and store many of their valuable data in them. Consequently, any cyber attack or unauthorized access into your device can actually compromise the data stored in your device.

Encryption is one useful feature that is built in Android system to help you secure your tablet. By enabling device encryption, all the data in your device will be converted into a non-readable form that can only be accessed by you. This will effectively secure your device from any kind of cyber threats.

The encryption is carried out using a unique numerical code without which the data cannot be read. However, before carrying out encryption, you must understand that it can result in a slight performance decrease in your tablet. Moreover, the encryption process can take an hour or more to complete, so plug in your device until it is fully charged. Below is how to enable device encryption in your Android tablet.

For Android 5.0 or Higher Versions

If your tablet is running on Android 5.0 or higher versions, it is much easier to enable device encryption. For this, go to Settings > Personal > Security and select the Encrypt Tablet option. Once selected, the tablet will display a message relating to the encryption process. It will also prompt you to plug in your device into a power outlet without which you cannot start the encryption process.

After this is done, you need to set up a screen lock PIN or password for locking your device. This PIN or password can be used to lock or unlock your device for accessing the encrypted files.

For Android 4.4 or Lower Versions

If your tablet runs on Android 4.4 or lower versions, you will need to create a PIN or password for locking the device before encrypting the device. For this go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock, where you can select an option for locking the device such as a PIN, password, or pattern.

Once you have created a screen lock combination, go to Security and select the Encrypt Tablet option. You may need to enter the combination that you have selected for screen lock again for starting the encryption process. Before that, make sure to plug in your tablet to a power source, as encryption can take a while and will drain the battery faster.

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