Accessibility is one feature that sets the iPad different from most other devices. These features have greatly enhanced the way we use them and offer a more personalized way to interact with these devices. It will be of assistance to those having any kind of difficulties such as vision or hearing related issues to use the iPad.

The accessibility features, however, stays hidden and is not used to their fullest by most users. One such valuable accessibility feature included in an iPad is VoiceOver, which provides vocal assistance in navigating the iPad much easier. Below is how to enable and use the VoiceOver feature in an iPad.

Enabling VoiceOver

To enable the VoiceOver feature on your iPad, open Settings > xanax order overnight General > buy xanax cod overnight Accessibility and select the alprazolam ordering VoiceOver option located in the Vision category. This will open the VoiceOver menu that contains several options and settings. Toggle the VoiceOver switch to enable this feature.

With VoiceOver enabled, it will be easier for visually impaired individuals to access the iPad. It will enable them to understand what they are going to tap on the screen before selecting. By tapping once, the displayed item will be described by the iOS aloud. Double tapping will select an item displayed, whereas swiping using three fingers will scroll the screen down. Configuring VoiceOver

The amount of words that are read aloud by the device can be adjusted depending on one’s preferences. This will enable the user to configure VoiceOver whether it will read hints such as tapping actions or speak about emojis in the text. To enable this, tap on the liquid alprazolam online Verbosity option and this will open a window where there are options to manage verbosity.

Toggle the Speak Hints button to disable the VoiceOver from giving out hints. Tapping on the Emoji Suffix button will enable the VoiceOver to read out emojis in the text.

Setting Up Rotor Option

The rotor option allows the user to access the menu of the VoiceOver options. It can be accessed by placing two fingers on the screen and twist them like rotating a dial. This will read out each of the option displayed can be used to alter the volume or speaking rate settings of VoiceOver quickly. Moreover, VoiceOver will read out all the options that come by turning the fingers like a dial. Swipe up or down to adjust the volume, speaking rate, or any other key settings.

Adjusting Speaking Pace

The speed of the VoiceOver can be changed from slow to fast depending upon the need of the user. To adjust the VoiceOver speed go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on the VoiceOver option. Under the Speaking Rate section, tap and drag the slider to change the speed of the speech.

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