Backing up of an iPad is a crucial process to save your important data in the device into either cloud storage or a personal computer. The process of backing up is vital and must be carried out periodically. This is because it can help you to recover the valuable data in the event of any failure of the device or if the iPad is lost or stolen.

Backing up is also crucial while replacing the device for another device from an iPad wholesale store. Backing up data in an iPad can be done using two ways such as either through iCloud or iTunes. Below is how to backup the data in your iPad using iCloud or iTunes.

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iCloud is an effective way to backup the data on an iPad. The backup data from the device is stored in the cloud storage service of Apple. iCloud offers up to 1 TB of storage space for backing up all the data on the iPad with 5 GB free space allocated to the users. Backups made in the iCloud can also be encrypted along with the additional feature of creating and accessing backups from any location using Wi-Fi connectivity. For backing up with iCloud.

iTunes Backup

iTunes is another excellent way to securely backup the iPad data. This stores the backup data on an external storage option such as a Mac or PC. However, the storage space here is dependent on the available hard disk space on the Mac or PC. iTunes backups also allow the data to be encrypted and allows you to create and use the backups from the Mac or PC as and when you wish. For backing up using iTunes,

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