One of the best things about texting on an iPad tablet is the option to add emoticons into the message. As many people send messages with smiley faces and such, you may want to know how to add an emoticon to the conversation in an iPad. To help you out, below is a quick look at how you can add an emoticon to the iPad keyboard.

In short, the emoticons are known as emoji and they consist of many icons, such as the smiley face to name one. Most versions of iOS will use the default keyboard for the language you choose when configuring the device for the first time use. However, iOS 7 will let you use more than one keyboard including the on-screen keyboard which most of us use to send and receive the texts.

Below is how to enable the on-screen keyboard on an iPad tablet featuring iOS 7 or later, and make your conversations more meaningful and concise.

Steps to Follow

To add an emoticon on iOS 7, navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and tap on Add New Keyboard option. Scroll through until you see the full list and tap on the Emoji option. If you see the default language you configured initially when you set up the device and an Emoji, it means that you have enabled the emoticon on iOS 7’s keyboard.

Just in case you are still an old-school person when it comes to texting on iOS devices, or you just hate the emoticons entirely, you may also want to know how to hide the keyboard and the option to add the emoticons. For that, navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and tap on Edit option. Now, tap on the red icon next to Emoji followed by Delete. This will only hide the special on-screen keyboard you use to add emoticons so you can enable the same when you enter a new conversation the next time on your iPad.

One thing that emoticons taught us, you could express your emotions via icons and draw the attention of the other person in the conversation with or without having to rely on expletives or smiley faces. We live in the day and age of social networking, so you may as well use the emoticons when indulging in a conversation with someone on a social media network.

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