Apple’s iPad range of tablets has many easy to miss features. Many of these features are also available on iPhones also. This tour will help you understand some of these hidden features in iPads.

Find Songs

If you hear an unfamiliar song and want to know about it, Siri can tell you about it. You may just ask, “What song is playing?” to Siri and Siri will listen to the surroundings to identify the music. This is done by drawing on a vast database of audio fingerprints. The audio fingerprints are offered by the app partner Shazam. The track and artist details of the song will pop up together with a “Buy” button.

Wipe Data Remotely

If you lose or misplace your iPad, you do not just lose the device, but also the data stored in it. You may know the “Find my iPhone” feature that helps you to locate your lost Apple device, but you may not know about the ability to remotely wipe all the data in your missing iPad or iPhone that helps you to make sure that private data remains private.

Shake to Undo

iPad users will agree that the keypad is not the easiest to type on the device and you may hit the wrong button while typing. On a laptop, you have to press the Undo button to correct an error, but on the iPad device, you just need to shake the device firmly to undo the mistake. This feature works in many apps like Mail, Pages, and Notes.

Set Sleep Timer

Do you like to fall asleep listening to a YouTube video of ocean sounds or a soothing playlist? If yes, you do not have to leave your iPad playing the song all night; instead, you have the option to set a sleep timer. Setting the sleep timer will stop playback automatically after the time.

To set timer, open the Clock app, tap on the Timer button, and then type in the time for which you want the music or video to play. Now, you need to tap on the musical note button located below the timer dial. From the list of alarm notes that appear, select Stop Playing to make your iPad stop the playback once the timer goes off.

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