More than hundreds of Android app developers seem a little bit concerned and frustrated with the new decision made by Google. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Android app developers whose applications use the Accessibility feature of Android tablets and smartphones outside their intended purpose will now have to abide by a new set of rules.

In the recent announcement, the officials from Google issued an official statement, in which they also confirmed that the applications that do not follow the new set of rules would be removed from the Play Store of Android devices entirely. As per the email, which was sent to the Android app developers, they will either have to “remove any requests for accessibility services within [their apps]” or “explain to users how [their apps are] using the [accessibility services] to help users with disabilities” within a month or so,

It is significant to note that the apps that may be removed from the Play Store of your device are not just the minor or lesser-known apps. Some of the most popular Android applications such as Status, Tasker, and LastPass use the Accessibility services of Android tablets for a number of apparently unintended purposes. For instance, LastPass incorporate the use of Android’s Accessibility feature in order to enable the password auto-fill functionality in the app.

Some Android app developers have already responded to the new move from Google and the majority of them believe that this doesn’t appear to be good news. Chief developer at Status, James Fenn said, “Unfortunately, like their decision to remove system overlays on Oreo, this makes all too much sense when you consider that they’re doing this to get a tighter hold on the functionality that Android apps are allowed to have; preventing apps from stealing users data without their knowledge is a pretty important issue for them. That said, I wish they would find another way to go about resolving this that didn’t involve the removal of hundreds of good, useful apps from the Play Store.”

Reports claim that one of the major issues for app developers regarding Google’s new decision will most likely be the tight 30-day timeframe. Even though some app developers will be able to recreate the key features of their apps without using the Accessibility services, they will certainly struggle to achieve the desired results within such a tight window of time.

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