Apple released two new casings recently to offer protection for two of their best selling tablets – iPad Air and iPad 4. The smart cover protects the front screen using magnetic snap-on fit, while the smart case wraps around both the front screen and back of the device. Don`t forget to look into mini personal alarm keychain to find additional info. Both the products are available in multiple colors adding to the confusion of buyers.

Facts about iPad Air Smart Cover vs. Smart Case

  • The smart cover reclines greatly than the smart case when putting as a stand, although the typing angle remains the same. In fact, the marginal difference between the two in legibility is hard to tell.
  • When used as a tri-fold or quadruple fold, the devices give different viewing angles. You may not want to rush into a tri-fold quickly because that is the one hard to nail at first instance.
  • The metal brim on the full-sized smart cover may cause some scratches during rough usage, and you might need to put it safely in a specialized compartment of the laptop bag to avoid unwanted scratches.

General Differences

There are only two differences between the case and the cover, other than the color variance. The smart cover is made of polyurethane and it protects only the front screen, whereas the leather case wraps around the iPad’s sides and back. You can use the cover and the case for both iPad 4 and the iPad Air as per the given colors of both.

The smart cover scores brownie points in looks, protection, and functionality when used with the iPad Air. If you can compromise the bulky leather in favor of the lightweight polyurethane, then go for the cover only. The smart case is for those who want a permanent protection having the same magnetic snap-on fit. One of the benefits of having the leather casing is that both the front screen and the back would be free of smudges.

There is at least a $40 difference between the Smart cover and the smart case. In case if you still cannot decide on which one to buy, do visit the tablet wholesale dealers in your locality or online, and see which one would suit you the best. Portability will be a decisive factor for those who travel frequently.

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