Although Android tablets were first launched in 2007, they started to emerge only after the launch of iPads in the year 2010. While many individuals bought Android tablets, others opted for iPad tablets too. Many believed that there is no splitting between the two platforms – Android vs. iOS – but in fact, there is a lot if we get into the details.

The below breakdown comparison of Android and iOS is written with focus given on the user friendliness aspect.

iOS Has iCloud; Google Has Google Cloud

iCloud stores all the data, photos, and tablet settings including the application layouts from iPads. The storage platform is user-friendly, and it is simple to use on Apple devices. A rival to that on Android is the Google Cloud, which also lets users to backup their tablet data easily.

iOS and Android Synchronize Data

iOS synchronizes between same tablets thereby allowing users to begin a text message on one and finish sending it through another device. Switching between a primary tablet and secondary tablet is easier on iOS and Android is not behind in that either. In fact, the data on Android tablets can be synchronized with an iPad and vice versa.

Stock Android and iOS Offer Regular Updates

Users would know that the stock Android OS offers regular updates from, say, Marshmallow to Nougat. On iOS, however, there is no differentiation such as stock iOS and the rest. Some imitation tablets tend to add custom UI over the Android OS to customize the user experience, but these devices might not perform as good as the original iPad tablets.

Default Personalized Widgets

Samsung tablets have a Kids Mode, which restricts the access to apps and services for kids with password protection. Personalization on the lock screen also means that the screen is kept hassle-free and widgets, easy to access. However, on the iOS, the lock screen widgets are personalized by default.

Virtual Assistants Provide Direct Shopping

iOS has Apple Siri, a user-friendly virtual assistant that answer user queries and riddles with ease. Users can access Siri with voice control saying “Hey Siri”, and the stock Android offers the same with the Google Now feature when users say “OK Google”.

Via virtual assistants, users can do direct shopping in simple steps on their tablet – be it an iPad or Android device. Both Android and iPad tablets are available for rent and sale on Wholesale Tablets, and there is a huge catalogue of devices to choose from.

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