June 2017

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Troubleshooting Tips for iOS 9.3 Activation on iPad

The iOS 9.3 released by Apple contained some bugs that have hindered the performance of the devices for most users. This happens mostly to the users that have installed the latest update of the operating system. iPad Air was also prone to the issues and requiring the entering of Apple ID and password used for setting up the device and in finishing the software installation. For users who forgot their passwords, the devices remain inaccessible until the correct password was entered or a reset of the device performed. Because of this, Apple has brought forward numerous measures such as the…

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Touch Screen Issues in Apple iPad

It is really frustrating when the touchscreen of your iPad is not working properly. There can be many reasons for the touchscreen of your iPad to stop working, and without the touchscreen, you will not be able to use the device. In fact, ‘how to fix touch screen issues of Apple iPad’ is a common question that you can see on the web. There are a few things, which you can try to fix the unresponsive touchscreen issue by yourself before deciding to visit an Apple service center. If you find that the touchscreen of the iPad is slow to…

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Breakdown Comparison of Android and iOS

Although Android tablets were first launched in 2007, they started to emerge only after the launch of iPads in the year 2010. While many individuals bought Android tablets, others opted for iPad tablets too. Many believed that there is no splitting between the two platforms – Android vs. iOS – but in fact, there is a lot if we get into the details. The below breakdown comparison of Android and iOS is written with focus given on the user friendliness aspect. iOS Has iCloud; Google Has Google Cloud iCloud stores all the data, photos, and tablet settings including the application…