May 2017

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Get Refurbished Tablets from Wholesale Tablets

Buying an economical tablet device might prove to be a steal deal, more so when components fail. In fact, there are so many portable devices, which withstand component failure after a period. However, since the launch of iPads in 2010, the tablet market has been on the upward trend. The below guide is for those looking for best deals on the internet. Make a Checklist of Dimensions and Specifications The pixilated rear camera might be similar in most models, but some of the other features tend to stay different in branded tablets. The price of the tablets changes as per…

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How to Fix the Sound Issues of an iPad

It is a widely accepted fact that iPads are one of the best tablets that are available in the market. The incredible features and applications this device offers have enabled us to complete a number of tasks with ease. Most iPad users use their device for a number of tasks such as playing games, watching movies, accessing social media websites, personal messaging, and lot more. However, many iPad tablet users recently complained that their tablet doesn’t produce sound when they open certain games and apps in the tablet. The odd part is that these users stated that their device does…

Wholesale Tablets

Using the S Pen with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 comes with an integrated S Pen for aiding in a host of uses ranging from simple tasks to high-end productivity applications. The Galaxy Note is yet another simple tablet manufactured by Samsung for budget-conscious buyers. Due to this, many buyers have purchased this tablet from reputed tablet wholesale dealers. Its 8-inch screen coupled with the S Pen brings about the best experience in using the tablet for various tasks. Below are some helpful tips in using the S Pen with the Galaxy Note 8.0. Popup Note One of the best features of the Galaxy Note…