Below are some popular blogging apps, which you can use on a compatible tablet you own. One of the main benefits of blogging from tablets is the screen size and the availability of resources like the stylus. Although some of us love to operate the iPad with an Apple Pen, using an app for blogging will hand you with something intimate and private.


WordPress is a familiar online blogging platform, and so its app comes first on the list of applications for everyday bloggers having a refurbished tablet. The official WordPress app for iOS is available for free download on the iTunes store. The WordPress app for Android also exists for free on Google Play Store. You will certainly love publishing blogs from the WordPress app for iOS or Android especially if you are into personal blogging.

Evernote and Dropbox

The two apps may not need an introduction to those who have been using Android devices or laptops running on Windows OS. One of the benefits of both Dropbox and Evernote is that they are available across platforms. Making one of these apps available on an iOS device, a compatible Windows tablet, or an Android device will be a must for you if you love blogging. In fact, ardent bloggers have Evernote and others Dropbox installed on the compatible device to keep blogs in sync and organized.

BlogTouch Pro for WordPress or BlogSpot

This blog editing app is very easy to use, and helps bloggers edit their BlogSpot blogs or WordPress posts. The platform-specific app will perform all the basic functions well and will help you to manage personal blogs through an iPad tablet or other iOS devices including iPhone or even the iPod. In fact, BlogTouch Pro for BlogSpot will work on Mac PCs also. The functions can be adding, editing, or removing the posts, pages, and comments on the WordPress or BlogSpot dashboard.

Now that we are in an age of mobile and digital blogging, using an application will be fun and interesting to you. For any blogger, the purpose of communication is of utmost importance. No matter whether you are in transit or at home completely hooked to the task in hand, these blogging apps will help you do what you love with much more passion.

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