Those of you owning stock Android Nougat tablets will soon get hands on Oreo, the eight version of Android. Google has made it clear that Android Oreo will first arrive on some exclusive Nexus devices and Google Pixel devices. There will be lots of changes now that Nougat has been upgraded to a new version, and below are some tricks which you may want to know, so that when Android Oreo becomes widely available.

Enabling Notification Badges on Android Oreo

The notification badges will double as application shortcuts since enabling them will add iOS-like notifications to the home screen app shortcuts on Android Oreo. To enable this particular feature, navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications and then flip the Allow Icon Badges to ON position.

Enabling Picture-in-Picture Mode

Picture-in-Picture mode will let you minimize full-screen videos, expand it a wee bit and multitask. The feature is compatible only with YouTube, Duo, VLC, and Google Play Movies as of now in Android Oreo. Look through this page for details on pc speakers under 50. To use Picture-in-Picture, launch a compatible app, play a video, and then tap on the home button. You will get to see the same minimized on lower right of the home screen.

Enabling the Smart Text Selector

Smart Text selector in Android Oreo will let users to easily copy paste text on an Android device and all users need to do for that is to select a block of text, and then tap and hold for a while. When you select the texts like Contacts or Address, you will get the relevant shortcuts to the Dialer or Google Maps respectively so that you can copy paste text accordingly.

Adding the Custom Ringtone to Play List

Android is arguably the most advanced operating system, yet adding a custom ringtone used to be tricky until now. Until now, you only had two options to customize ringtones in Android tablets – downloading a third party app or copy pasting the ringtone to SD card – but not anymore. Navigate to Settings > Sound and tap on a ringtone and tap on the Add Ringtone to add a particular sound file to the play list of Android Oreo.

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