When you own an iPad, chances are big that you end up using the device for a host of productivity and work-related uses like creating documents, sending emails, editing text, photos, etc. However, an iPad as a standalone device can sometimes become incapable to achieve the tasks quickly and efficiently. Still, you can enhance the functionality of your iPad for productivity by using the accessories made by Apple as well as other manufacturers. These accessories can literally transform your iPad in appearance and function like a laptop. Below are some accessories that will make your iPad more productive.


Investing in a keyboard is a great way to make your iPad a productivity machine. You can opt one from the countless models offered by different manufacturers like Logitech, Belkin, Dell, and many others. Keyboards for iPads come in two varieties: wired or Bluetooth. You can choose any one depending on your preference; they function the same way with the only difference being their mode of connectivity to the iPad. However, when choosing a keyboard, make sure that it features a sleek design according to your typing convenience.

Support Stand

Another crucial accessory that can help you to easily use your iPad is a support stand. Along with a keyboard, the use of a stand provides full support to the iPad while typing. It can position the iPad at a very convenient angle while you are typing that allows you to work comfortably. It can support an iPad firmly on most surfaces and this will make it a much useful accessory that you can use while working or watching videos using your iPad.

External Battery

Working continuously on your iPad will cause the battery to become depleted quickly. To deal with this, you can use an external battery or power bank, which is compatible to work with your iPad. They supply constant power even when your iPad battery is drained out, allowing you to work for longer times. There are several models available out there and it is best to choose a good brand with a battery capacity of at least 2000 mAh.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is another productive tool that can enhance the productivity of your iPad. It is especially useful if you are using your iPad for creating digital illustrations and drawings. Apple Pencil is a highly accurate accessory that allows you to create digital artworks with pinpoint precision. With this tool, you can do many other things, besides creating artworks such making changes to drawings, tracing out patterns, as well as restoring old photographs.

Apple Camera Connection Kit

With the Apple Camera Connection Kit, you can plug in an external device that is compatible with iOS devices. With this connector, you can plug in any type of external device compatible with your iPad for carrying out various functions. The newer version of the Camera Connection Kit has included a built-in lightning jack that can power the external device and your iPad.

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